The illustration shows the assembled gear and the GUNT Media Center on a tablet (not included)


  • broad scope of learning with interdisciplinary problems
  • part of the GUNT-Practice Line for assembly, maintenance and repair
  • multimedia instructional materials on USB stick and online in GUNT Media Center: 3D PDF, DXF files, STEP files, videos

The MT 120 unit is a spur gear unit with helical gear wheels. The gear is singlestage and has a fixed transmission ratio (fixed gear unit). Helically cut gear wheels run more smoothly and quietly than straight-toothed gears because the gear teeth intermesh gradually and multiple teeth are engaged. They are suitable for higher speeds, and can withstand greater loading than comparable straight-toothed gears.

The MT 120 kit is part of the GUNT-Practice Line for assembly, maintenance and repair, which has been designed for technical colleges and company training centres. The close link between theory and practice-based learning content is evident. The assembly and disassembly processes can be completed easily within standard lesson times. Only basic tools are required for assembly, all of which are supplied with the kit. The fit seatings of the gear unit are designed to allow the complete assembly process to be performed by hand.

The contemporary multimedia instructional materials provide extensive technical information as base for lesson design. The core element of the teaching materials is a complete set of drawings as files with lists of parts, singlepart drawings, exploded views, assembly drawings and 3D drawings. All drawings are to standard and are dimensioned in accordance with production requirements. The set of drawings consists of DXF files, STEP files and PDF files. Assembly videos are also useful features. The files are also available free of charge online in the GUNT Media Center.

The disassembled spur gear with a set of small parts and 4 assembly jigs are delivered in a storage system with foam inlay. The transport roller MT 120.02 or the trolley MT 120.01 are suitable for convenient transport of the kit.

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